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frozen sea buckthorn

buckthorn berries grow near water and in sandy soils, as well as in the mountains. Sea buckthorn is widely used in medicine for the production of different kinds of ointments, lotions, tinctures, as well as for production of oil, wine, juice, fruit, tea. As part of these berries are essential vitamins of group B, E, H, and useful to the organism pectin, volatile, acid and minerals.
Buckthorn used to improve the digestive system and protection from viral diseases. Also, it is used for culinary purposes for cakes, pies, sauces. Seabuckthorn frozen retains all trace minerals and useful functions for the human organism after passage of shock freezing temperature in the range of -18 to -22 degrees.
Frozen sea buckthorn products purchased on WestBerry company's website in compliance with all rules and assembly can freeze every consumer. Additionally, all berries tested for harmful substances such as metals, pesticides, radiation and others.
Frozen sea buckthorn is the perfect solution for the preparation of a winter drink, and increase immunity in the cold season.
Of course, the trees with berries grow in the city, anyone can disrupt the fruit, but you need to be sure that it will bring you benefit, not harm. On our site you can buy frozen sea buckthorn only natural and without additives. Our employees collect it in the Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv regions, as it is known to clean areas.
Seabuckthorn frozen, buy worth in the first place in order to maintain the health of your family, is available with us in different quantities.
We are always glad to cooperate with new clients, both in the long term, and the one-time purchase. Call and order we have the best products.

Frozen sea buckthorn berries
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Seabuckthorn - Latin ( Hippophae ) Bed and uckthorn  Sea buckthorn berries are collected in a clean Carpathian region (Lviv and Ivano - Frankivsk region). Estimated annual sales 190t (40t / 7 days).   Class "A": - Cardboard box 1x10 - paper bag 1x25 Class "B": - paper bag 1x25 The...
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