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Frozen mushrooms mushrooms

Fungi, certainly not only endowed with the unique flavor characteristics, but also on the unique benefits of the product. Many creations of haute cuisine and homemade delights are in its recipe, this ingredient. The main has always been and will be a place of their collection and further manipulation in cooking and storage plan.

To buy frozen mushrooms and do not doubt their quality, the right thing would be to contact the company WestBerry. They are engaged in the sale of mushrooms collected in the clean open spaces of the Carpathians. They contain no contaminants harmful chemicals and environmental influences.

It is impossible to describe all the beneficial properties of mushrooms. The mere knowledge that they have a high content of beta-carotene, which the body turns into vitamin A, serves as an indicator of their indispensability in the diet. Frozen mushrooms in Ukraine are sold with the preservation of vitamin properties.

WestBerry company cares about its customers and offers to buy frozen mushrooms wholesale at the best price. After the success of the trading company measured by the number of satisfied customers.

Frozen mushrooms
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Assembles WestBerry harvests mushrooms mushrooms, which is collected in a clean Carpathian region (Lviv and Ivano - Frankivsk region). Ginger (Elovikov) - common group of fungi belonging to the genus Mlechnik (Russula). Mainly grows on sandy soil in coniferous forests. Colonies grow mushrooms...
Group: Замороженные грибы рыжики
The saffron milk caps frozen
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The saffron milk caps frozen The WestBerry company prepares mushrooms saffron milk caps which gathers in the environmentally friendly Carpathian region (Lviv and Ivano - Frankivsk regional nuclear heating plant). Saffron milk cap (elovik) - the general group of the mushrooms relating to a sort...
Group: Замороженные грибы рыжики


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