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frozen cranberries

The company «WestBerry» - one of the leading representatives of the Ukrainian market, the activity of which is harvested, overwork and sale of wild berries and mushrooms. We are in the collection of vegetable raw materials in an environmentally clean Carpathian areas in the Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. For the marketing of finished products, the company gives preference to wholesale. The activities are focused on meeting the demand of our products in the domestic consumers and foreign customers.


An important place in the assortment list of the company occupies frozen cranberries. Price it at harvest time are stable enough, given the constant demand for this berry. It is appreciated for its beneficial properties, is rich in vitamins and minerals, a great antiseptic. It has the ability to remove toxins from the body, antipyretic effect, lowers blood glucose levels. And it is used as a choleretic agent for strengthening the immune system, pressure reduction, improvement of skin condition.


Frozen cranberries, buy that we offer, harvested on proven technology that ensures the preservation of the whole complex of useful properties. Berry quickly (a few hours) is delivered to the processing plant, where the mechanical and manual cleaning of extraneous components. Blast freezing and storage cranberries performed in modern freezers, refrigerating chambers to meet optimal temperature conditions.


If you are interested in our cranberries berry, price it for you individually will be formed based on the number of products purchased. Supplied berry in paper laminated sandwich bags weighing 25 kg. At the request of the customer for each batch are available all the supporting documents, including the phytosanitary certificates and the results of radiological control.

Frozen berry cranberries
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Berries cranberries harvested in an environmentally clean Carpathian region (Lviv and Ivano - Frankivsk region), so it has low radiological characteristics. Class "B": Berries are cleaned mechanically or manually from the vegetable impurities, leaves, twigs. Allowed to 3% white - sided, green not...
Group: Замороженная брусника
Cowberry berries frozen
Custom order | Only wholesale 
Cowberry berries frozen Berries of cowberry are picked in the environmentally friendly Carpathian region (The Lviv and Ivano - Frankivsk regions) thanks to what has low radiological indicators. Class "B": Berries are peeled mechanically and manually of vegetable impurity, leaves, branches. About 3%...
Group: Замороженная брусника


Unbelievable price on frozen cranberries in Drogobych (Ukraine) company "WestBerry" , TOV. Wide choice of quality products at affordable prices.