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boletus mushrooms

Boletus mushrooms in Ukraine are implemented in freely available and in large volumes. This is due to their cheapness and availability. Look like small, brown mushroom, hat has a distinctive mucosa, causing the appearance and got its name. Peak fruitful activity in the oil is observed from mid-summer to mid-autumn. The main condition is the absence of large harvest frost and lowering the temperature to - 5 degrees.

Every housewife canned mushrooms boletus. Buy enough of them it is possible to have firm WestBerry. They specialize in supplying frozen berries and mushrooms of different varieties. All products are, a thorough inspection. A gathering place for the set aside environmentally friendly forests of Transcarpathia.

More and more popular for the massive sales of all varieties of mushroom world have frozen boletus mushrooms. Buy such products is more profitable because of the potential long-term storage.

Given the availability of favorable effects on the human organism of trace elements and vitamins - mushrooms, already for a long time, occupy the leading position in the food industry.

Boletus mushrooms
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      Greasers - is the common name of the genus of fungi tubular fungi belonging to the family of Boletovye. This name is due to the slippery, greasy hat. All representatives of oil it is on this basis and recognized. Under the bonnet there are always remnants of private covered to...
Group: Грибы маслята
The frozen boletus mushrooms
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The slippery jack is the general name of mushrooms from a sort of the tubular mushrooms relating to Boletovye's family. Such name is caused by a slippery, oily hat. All representatives butter on this sign and are distinguished. Under a hat there are always remains of a private cover,...
Group: Грибы маслята


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