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Frozen cranberries berries
  • Frozen cranberries berries

Frozen cranberries berries

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Berries cranberries harvested in an environmentally clean Carpathian region (Lviv and Ivano - Frankivsk region), whereby a low radiological characteristics.

Class "B":

The berries are cleaned mechanically and manually from vegetable impurities, leaves, branches. Accepts up to 3% of white - sided, green there, the opportunity to share on the Class A and B is not (Sorteks absent), radiation at a rate of up to 40 bakarel.


Approximately annual sales of 50 tons.

We produce all kinds of laboratory control (radiation, heavy metals, pesticides, etc. ).

Products packed in three - layer laminated paper bags of 25 kg. The finished product is stored in modern refrigerating chambers at constant temperatures ranging between - 18 ° C to - 22 ° C.

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 We can deliver the products outside Ukraine. It is also ready to consider individual orders on the workpiece.

 On our site you can find all kinds of berries and mushrooms with which our company operates.

We offer long - term cooperation.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 22.01.2020
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